AC & S Asbestos Belief: Document A Declare Immediately

ACandS Asbestos Belief: Everything You Have To Know The ACandS Asbestos Belief was created to aid victims of mesothelioma regain reimbursement. Ever for the main reason that company’s founding in 1958, Armstrong Contracting and Offer Business has used 1000’s of individuals who may have come in contact with asbestos and positioned it at a great […]

Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Trust

Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Trust & Exposure

Company History
The Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Trust was established to help victims of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma obtain compensation. Pittsburgh Corning was founded in 1937 following a merger of two established glass making companies, Corning Glass Works and Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. Up until 1947, the newly established Pittsburgh Corning specialized in the production of glass blocks which were sold for installation in residential, industrial and commercial structures.

In 1947 Pittsburgh Corning shifted focus to the production of FOAMGLAS; a type of insulation primarily used in construction. Unlike the majority of its counterparts at the time, FOAMGLAS did not contain asbestos.

In 1962 Pittsburgh Corning entered into a new purchase agreement with a company named UNARCO Industries. The agreement gave access to a new line of insulation products which contained Amosite asbestos, a form of asbestos imported from South Africa…